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Ambulance | Fire | Police / Water Police   000
If you need an emergency service (ambulance, fire, police, SES) there is no need to alert the ferry.
Contact the service on 000 and they will contact the ferry to make the necessary transporting arrangements.
Are you bushfire ready?
Bushfire is arguably poses the greatest threat to rural lives and property. So, what is the risk of bushfire on Raymond Island and how is it best managed? Islanders and visitors should be prepared for the bushfire season... more 
Be a volunteer
Raymond Islanders are prepared for fire and flood. A Volunteer Register was established in 2009, whereby interested Islanders can nominate equipment, tools, expertise, skills, emergency accommodation, etc. that MAY be available in the event of an emergency.

Download the Register form, complete your details and email to  emprep@netspace.net.au or print it out and hand to any of the RICA Committee members.

Hospital (Bairnsdale)
t: 5150 3333
Coast Guard Paynesville
t: 5156 0106
Water Police Paynesville
t: 5156 7462
Local action plans
On Raymond Island we realize that a degree of complacency had crept into our community, as it is many years since the Island experienced, or was even threatened by, a serious weather event. The Raymond Island Local Incident Management Plan contains information about what to do during a local incident, fire, flood or storm.
Raymond Island Emergency Volunteer Register form.
In case of emergency
VicEmergency - advice and help to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies.
East Gippsland coastal waters forecast
East Gippsland rainfall and river conditions
Gippsland Lakes local waters forecast
Road closures t: 131 170
East Gippsland Shire
Emergency Information
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