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Emergency crossings
At any time (day or night), if you need an emergency service (ambulance, fire, police, SES) there is no need to alert the ferry.

Contact the emergency service on
000 and they will contact the ferry to make the necessary transporting arrangements.
Timetable and fares
Ferry SMS alerts registration form
Flashing lights
Flashing yellow lights on the ferry mean that a short term emergency is underway and the ferry is temporarily not uploading passengers.

The flashing lights are activated to provide priority services for ambulances, CFA, police and SES.

During this situation the ferry's loading and unloading is managed at the discretion of the ferry driver.
Driver etiquette
Car drivers who are first in a lane should park as close as possible to the ramp.

If you leave too much space between you and the car in front other drivers are disadvantaged because they cannot board the ferry. So please park as close as possible to the car in front,  remember to switch off your engine and engage the handbrake. Always watch the lane lights that indicate when you can disembark.

Remember that drivers and passengers must stay in their vehicles while on the ferry.

Outages and SMS alerts

Find out more about services during scheduled outages...

In the event of an unscheduled outage, Raymond Island offers a volunteer SMS service advising registered users about 'UNPLANNED' ferry outages for $5.00 per year.

To register
download and fill out the registration form. Put it and $5.00 in a sealed envelope. Write your name and MOBILE number on the outside and hand it to the ferry driver.

Please do not contact the ferry driver unless absolutely necessary - wait for SMS alerts!
Current timetable and fares on East Gippsland Shire web site.